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Scanning Safe!

ScanSite innovate with their safe system of scanning

Scansite's custom designed & fabricated safe working solution for laser scanning Lift shafts & risers worked perfectly in conjunction with our Trimble X7. We can confirm the X7 works upside down!!

We were asked by principal contractor Galliford Try to provide a safe working solution for surveying 11 lift shafts across 16 storeys at 280 Bishopsgate.
Using our custom-built horizontal frame, which we position inline with the lift doors and lock into place to form a safe working zone. This allows us to safely open the lift doors from behind the integrated barrier.
Then using Trimble Field link with the X7 we could georeference our position using known control points, scan & then extended the X7 into the lift shaft. Another scan of 128 million points was then taken and the X7 inverted 180 degrees whilst still in the lift shaft and scanned again. This was repeated in every shaft every few floors to form a high definition point cloud of each lift shaft.

All-round we are very pleased with the results and at the speed, we were able to attend the site & issue the data to Galliford Try.

A big thank you to all the team involved!